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 Email Extractor for Gmail

Extract Email addresses from your Gmail account. www.gmailextractor.com


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Social Share Count Tracker - See how many shared count a website has got in popular social networks. Get Social Shared Count of any website.

Tamil Numeral Clock
Analog Clock in Tamizh Numerals.


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One of the oldest Indian portal. Blog, Business directory, STD codes, Recipes, Mobile Number Locator, Social Share Count Checker.

New Software

Sync Outlook Contacts to Gmail, Android, iPhone, iPad Contacts Sync - Synchronize Outlook Contacts with Gmail, sync to Android, iPhone, iPad

Synchronize Outlook Contacts with Gmail. Sync Outlook and Gmail Contacts and sync contacts to Android, iPhone, iPad, Playbook. 2way sync, sync contact pictures, categories, Gmail groups, notes, Sync Outlook distribution lists and more. Download Contacts Sync, Freeware.
Download Contacts SyncFree Contacts Sync Software 
Bulk SMS from PC to Mobile bkSMS - SMS without Mobile Phone

Send, Receive SMS from your PC. Send personalised Bulk SMS. SMS Merging - Import from Excel, Connect to any SQL database to send, receive SMS. Supports Flash SMS, Long SMS, Concatenated SMS. Download Bulk SMS software, Send SMS in Tamil, Hindi, Unicode. Phone Book, Inbox, folders and extensive SMS Reports and much more. Send SMS from PC. Receive SMS and store in any SQL Database.
Download Email Address ExtractorEmail Extractor FREE Download 
Email Extractor Grabber SEVAL Email Extractor

Copy any text from any document to clipboard, SEVAL will extract emails, validates email addresses, allows you to save all grabbed email ids. Extract Emails while you browse websites, reading documents and Save for mailing, archiving.
Email Extractor GrabberEmail Extractor Grabber 
PPPshar Proxy PPPshar - Internet Connection Sharing, Website access control and monitor

Internet over LAN, monitor browsing activity of users, username/password login for your users to browse the web. No software required in client computers. Store browsing history of all users in your network in a single PC. Analyse log files to get userwise/datewise website access report. Website Blocker. Global whitelist/blacklist of websites. Computer-wise whitelist/blacklist of websites. POP3, SMTP proxy to access emails. SOCKS, HTTP, FTP proxy.
Download Bulk SMS softwareSend SMS from PC to any Mobile  

New Software 


Easy Contacts Delete for Gmail - Delete all Gmail Contacts in Bulk

Download Free Easy Contacts Delete for Gmail - Delete all Gmail Contacts, Groups at once. You dont have to scroll page by page to delete all your Gmail contacts. Delete all Gmail contacts and Groups in bulk easily in a single click.

Download Easy Contacts Delete


Social Share Count - Find out shares, likes, tweets, google plus ones, linkedin shares, pinterest pin counts af any website. Also download Social Share Count Tracker Android App.

Easy Contacts Delete for Gmail - Delete all contacts from gmail at once Delete all groups or all contacts in a single group. Free software.

Extract email address from Gmail Extract all Email addresses from your Gmail Inbox, mail folders. Download extracted emails as .CSV file. Extract Name and Email of senders of all mails in your Gmail Inbox and labels. No software required, No giving away your password. FREE Trial. Visit gmailextractor.com to Extract email from gmail , Extract email ids in To, CC, Message body and Sent Mail.

Contacts Sort for Gmail - Sort gmail contacts by date added. Free Chrome Extension.

Synchronize Outlook Contacts with Gmail. Sync Outlook and Gmail Contacts, Download Contacts Sync, Freeware. 2way Contacts Sync Outlook Categories, Pictures.

Mobile Number Locator - Track the location and name of mobile service provider (operator) of any Mobile Phone Number in India. Cell Phone Number Finder,Cell Number Location,Mobile Number Tracker

 Contacts Sync Featured in Cnet HowTo and Tech Guy Radio, USA.

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 PPPshar featured in CHIP Magazine Cover-CD, February 2005, Germany.

 PPP Infotech Ltd co-sponsored the "Welcome Bag" at APCUG Annual Conference at CES, Las Vegas, Jan. 3-6, 2005

 GooDelete History certified as "100% FREE, No Spyware, No Adware, No Viruses" by Softpedia

 GooDelete History featured in Cover CD "Internet User" magazine, UK

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".. "Excellent customer service puts a sterling finish on the face of your company!" - Brian Bass

""I am very impressed with your commitment to your product. .. Thanks so much for your exemplary support" - Harvey Cohen about Contacts Sync

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