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Mail@Office Mail Server
Email communication for home, office and enterprise network

  • Email without Internet
  • SMTP / POP3 / IMAP mailserver
  • Multi-threaded SMTP, Mail Relay Server
  • Direct Sending of Mails through DNS server
  • IMAP Email service. Centralised Email Storage.
  • Opensource Webmail to access email from anywhere. (optional)
  • Fetch multiple remote pop3 accounts
  • Server-wide Email Filtering, Forwarding Policies
  • Email Archiving & Monitoring / Message Processing
  • Take a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails
  • Userwise email attachment, mail size restrictions
  • Opensource Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus (optional)
  • Supports Google Apps Domain & Gmail accounts
  • Use Gmail without Internet
  • Global Address Book (optional)
  • Effortless administration

Mail@Office enables every computer in home or office to send and receive email not only within local network but also across Internet. Mail@Office server can also run as a dedicated Mailserver similar to MS- Exchange, if you have a static IP address and a valid domain name. Opensource Anti-virus and Anti-Spam systems can be integrated with Mail@Office for an additional fee. Download Mail@Office Software Now

Go to Mail@Office website to know more, Try it or Buy it


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